Venue Hire

The home of the ACT is in Brighton, Melbourne. The ACT has a variety of performances spaces available to suit different performance needs. The ACT Studio is a converted garage with a usable floor space of 4.7m x 5.4m and a ceiling height that ranges between 2m and 2.3m. This space can fit approximately 30 people within the Studio with an addition of 40-50 under marquees. It is suitable for intimate performances such as cabarets, plays, film exhibition, lecture training session or as a rehearsal space. The ACT is also blessed with an outdoor round stage perfect for music, dance or other live entertainment. Additional equipment can be made available for hire. Please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page to enquire about hire.

Equipment for Hire:

35 watt halogen clip lamps
Par 177 floods
Bud lighting reals
Epson Projector
3170 x 1800 projector screen
Dvd player
Video player
Sony surround sound amplifier unit w/speakers
Shure microphones
Microphone stand
Battery amplifier
300 Watt PA System with 7 channel mixer
32 x fold out chairs
3 x hi-stools
2 x 3000 x 3000 marques

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