Successful Run in Langkawi & Penangpac with Peter Ho’s photo

Langkawi is an island and to have three performances there to much applause is great! It was hot, steamy and crowded but the cast was superb. Thanks to Sugar restaurant which feted all of us and to Wijay’s & Brigit’s Sarong guesthouse, we had a great rest and saw a lot of Langkawi. Four of us flew to Penang for a press conference leaving the rest to bring the props in a ferry.

In Penang we had 2 rehearsals and three performances. Our first rehearsal was not a dress rehearsal but because professional photographers Peter Ho & Chua who were donating their services were only available for that particular time slot, we had to quickly don our costumes so pandemonium broke loose in the dressing room. That was a moment of high stress for the cast and crew of Our Man in Beijing in Penang. Well, more or less!

The audience loved the play and laughed and laughed! I was stunned. I never expected a predominantly Chinese audience to react so enthusiastically. One Malaysian Chinese couple said: “We had lived in Melbourne for many years so we know both sides and understand the jokes on both sides.” They thanked me for bringing Our Man in Beijing to Penang. That gave me a nice feeling. That was opening night in Penangpac. The next night the cast suffered a little from “second night blues” but they still gave a good performance to the audience. By the time the last show came for our Sunday matinee, the cast gave a sterling performance and once again the audience loved it.
To celebrate a successful run in Penang, we went off to have a Chinese banquet!Without chopsticks gymnastics!