Our Man in Beijing goes to Langkawi, Malaysia 24 & 25 May 2013

We are almost there in body, cast and crew. Almost an out of body experience at this stage seeing that everyone is so excited. In fewer than 14 days, we are off to Langkawi where our first performances will be held at the Sugar Restaurant on Pantai Tengah in Langkawi. Sugar sits literally on the beach facing west. Each evening a golden sunset bathes the building in liquid gold. And it is in this very building upstairs framed by a balcony that we will be performing on the 24th & 25th May, 2013 at 8:30pm! How about that folks! Thanks to proprietors Jacky How & Jeremy Liew with loads of help from the fabulous kinky Karina Bahrin of La Pari Pari fame. Anyone visiting Langkawi during these dates are doubly lucky because we are performing for free! Just for the love of it all.

Two years ago, I started the Langkawi Performing Artists on this gorgeous island with our inaugural production “….And the Fight Started.” Now I am bringing an Aussie cast with an intercultural play that laughs at Aussie and Chinese values in a romantic comedy. I am so pleased with myself to say the least. As author and producer and equally importantly, as an ex Malaysian, I have come home having called Australia home for over 30 years! Ha! Wonders may never cease on the return journey. Who knows? Finally fame and fortune. Or perhaps just lots of laughs and nasi lemak!