Our Man In Beijing, Intercultural Play, by Moni Lai Storz, goes to Asia 2013 : COME JOIN IN THE ACT

As performing artists and any other artists for that matter, we seem to get punished for doing the ‘job’ we love. How is that so? Well, we seem to be poor for a start. Poor only because we spend the best years of our lives creating our masterpieces. So as time is money, we miss the opportunities to make money in well paid jobs! Especially in the peak periods between 20 and 30 years old.

No one wants to pay us for entertaining them, singing them songs of joy, amusing them with our stand up comic acts, and so on. Yet some airhead, spinhead, thick head, bald head….all these heads of some organisation, state, country or other seem to get huge salaries…question is WHY? I am good at asking questions but to provide answers? who knows and who cares? I am an action woman. I am kineastheic. I learn by doing. That is what the big word means. In short, I dance. I dream too. I dance my dreams. I don’t care about verbal answers. I ACT. I find solutions for our common good, our common love of performing, which brings me to money for touring Asia. ACT goes to ASIA in 2013. We Chinese are not superstitious about the number 13.

I am dancing my dreams right now on this page. Being very action oriented (or kineasthetic) I am dreaming of taking the cast and crew to tour Malaysia. Dreams need to be translated into action plans (didn’t I say that I am action oriented?). Top of the action plan page is this word: FUN(D) RAISING.

I love the role of producer which I occupy for OMIB – why? this time I have an answer: I love money. I love making money. I love the challenge of seeing $88 turn into $880. Not much you may sneer! For ten cents more, at 0.99 cents you can buy my ebook. So turning $88 into $880 in 2 hours is a lot of money for artists. Time and money go hand in hand. But the profit margin is what we are interested in. I am not good at arithmetic. You work out the profit margin profit.
So being a producer is about raising money for my cast and crew to go on tour…no, not for holiday. Travelling to work. Yes, performing artists work. The key word is performing, as in performing assets if we are using business lingo. Artists we are but we are also workers. Working to give humanity joy, laughter and longevity. Some scientists worked out that laughter prolongs your lives, make you healthier, and definitely, unequivocally, absolutely, blissfully, magnificently, acceleratively enhances your sex life.

Come join in the ACT in our fun(d) raising trip. See you there at our next ACT!

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