Yue Liang Dai Bao Wo De Xin sung by Diana Nguyen

This song is probably the most famous of all tunes in Asia. It is like a national anthem that bonds Chinese everywhere. It is the signature tune of the Chinese diaspora. In Our Man in Beijing, Diana Nguyen sang it with a Vietnamese accent accompanied by Phil Trainer. There was not one Chinese person in the audience who didn’t know the song. Phil has put his own lyrics in English to the tune of Yue Liang. The most famous singer is Teresa Teng who sang Yue Liang Dai Bao Wo De Xin in China long before the country allowed a foreign person to do that. The Moon Represents My Heart, the song’s English title was composed anonymously. The first line of the chorus: you ask me how deeply I love you? (ni wen wo ai ni yu dao shin) From this profound question to the very last line, the song retains its magical and mystical quality. Yue liang ai ren, translates into moon light lover has the meaning of an eternal lover. So the song title The Moon Represents my Heart has several profound layers of meaning. It resonates with those who are moon lovers, enduring and eternal.

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