Our Man in Beijing goes to La Mama

After a successful season in Brighton, Our Man In Beijing is going to La Mama in Carlton. Two opposite ends of Melbourne. Brighton is on the bay and Carlton is on the city’s edge in the heart of Little Italy. Our Man is very honoured to be performing at La Mama, the most famous of Indie theatre company with an awesome history. La Mama began life in the 60s and now lives in an old Victorian terrace that was threatened with closure a few years ago. It was saved almost overnight with the magic that is community support. The community raised over one million aussie dollars and bought the building so that the show or shows can go on! La Mama has spawned many a famous Australian playwrights who have attained international stardom such Williamson and Hibberd. Our Man in Beijing, the first inter-cultural play with Australian and Chinese elements, the first in the world, will be be performed over 3 weekends beginning 25th August 2012. Please check for updates, news and gossip about Our Man on Facebook under the Australian Chinese Theatre or my personal timeline Moni Lai Storz.

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