Our Man in Beijing

I finished writing Our Man in Beijing 2009. It was a sad moment as I just got news that my best friend died. A friend since primary school. She would have been the first to produce it in Malaysia. I returned to Australia and after several failed attempts at finding an appropriate director, Our Man in Beijing is finally opening on 18 March, directed by Wolf Heidecker. I am over the moon. The cast is fabulous and the crew is awesome. The venue is a boutique theatre space. Richard Lyford-Pike, a talented interior designer had created out of my garage adjacent to my house in Brighton. Waaaaahh as the Chinese would say: we have a theatre venue next to a pool and open air stage surrounded by bouganvilleaes, banana trees and BAMBOOS…the whole garden is reminiscent of an ancient Greek amphitheatre.

Jacy Teh built the website for OMIB almost over night under great pressure as i was so excited by the beautiful E flyer he created that I immediately sent it out to 50 friends and put it on my facebook…that was cool except that the website was on it. And the website was not built yet! My first panic attack! Second came the rains and flooded out my lovely venue!!!! Second panic attack. What’s next?

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